Although the majority of the information can be found at Tensorflow, I will provide a short Bash script that does all the thinking for you. Because I use pyenv virtualenv and the lastest cuda/cudnn on Manjaro, I ran into an issue with the prebuilt pip tensorflow-gpu. Of couse it complained about the cuda version not being 10.0 while I have 10.1 installed. To get around this, atleast from what I know, you will need to recompile Tensorflow… be prepared.. it takes a long time even for an i7 with 65gb ramm!!! Of course, you can downgrade, but I do not like doing that. Before you begin, you will need to do a

pip install wheel 

Using portions of Archlinux PKGBUILD for tensorflow, I decided to make a Bash script that would do all the thinking for me, as I simply wanted to create a pip wheel for my virtualenv!

Modify as you desire and remember this will take sometime.

In addition, you will need a patch,

Best of luck