I wanted to use Highlight.js to beautify my pre - codes. In the past, I used Hightlight.js and liked the eyecandy; therefore, I decided to reincorporate into my current site. To do so with Symfony Webpack-encore is quite simple:

#install the dependency
yarn add highlight.js

#select a style
cat  "@import '~highlight.js/styles/tomorrow-night.css';" > assets/css/articles.scss

cat "require('../css/articles.scss');
const hljs = require("highlight.js/lib/highlight.js");
hljs.initHighlightingOnLoad();" > assets/js/articles.js

Now add an entry into your webpack.config.js

    .addEntry('articles', './assets/js/articles.js')
#build your assets
yarn run watch

Finally incorporate the new JS and CSS into your twig template etc..

{% block stylesheets %}
    {{ parent() }}
    {{ encore_entry_link_tags('articles') }}
    {{ encore_entry_script_tags('articles') }}
{% endblock %}

That’s all.. quite simple!